GK Important bits

1) ‘Axialogy’ means:-

A)Study of minds

B)Study of philosophy

C)Study of values

  1. D) Study of feelings

Ans: Study of Values


2) Which is the lengthiest coastline in India?

  1. A) Mumbai
  2. B) Gujarat
  3. C) Maharashtra
  4. D) Bengal

Ans: Gujarat


3) What is the disease- resistant Vaccine after the birth of baby?



C)Malaria vaccine

D)Chicken pox vaccine

Ans: B.C.G.


4)The river Chitravathi is the tributary to which river?





Ans: Penna


5) How many seats does the A.P. Legislative Assembly reserve for the scheduled castes?





Ans: 29


6) Who found the name Pakistan?

A)Chowdary Rehmath Ali

B)Iskandar Mirza

C)Gulam Mohommad

D)Khawaja Nijimuddin

Ans: Chowdary Rehmath Ali


7) Where is main office of ISRO?

A)Utter Pradesh

  1. B) Madhya Pradesh
  2. C) Bangalore


Ans: Bangalore


8) What is teaching medium during the time of Buddhism?

  1. A) Sanskrit
  2. B) Prakrutam


D)Pali, Prakrutam

Ans: Pali, Prakrutam


9) What is the currency of Argentina?

  1. A) Peso
  2. B) Bucks
  3. C) Rupee


Ans: Peso


10) Which is the smallest continent?

  1. A) Africa
  2. B) Australia
  3. C) Greenland
  4. D) America

Ans: Australia


11) Which gas is filled in the electric bulbs?

  1. A) Nitrogen
  2. B) Oxygen
  3. C) Helium
  4. D) Neon

Ans: Nitrogen


12) Rajatha revolution is related to what?

  1. A) reservations

B)Cotton seeds

  1. C) Animals

D)Eggs and poultry

Ans: Eggs and Poultry production


13) Which is the present state having the high number of Assembly seats?

  1. A) Gujarat
  2. B) Utterpradesh


  1. D) Bangladesh

Ans: Utterpradesh


14) When was Goa established?





Ans: 1987


15) Who established the Brahmin society in Andhra Pradesh?

A)Kandukuri Veeresalingam

B)Chinna Sastry


D)Gurajada Apparao

Ans: Kandukuri Veeresalingam


16) Which is the magazine that has been started by Gandhiji in Gujarat?

A)Harijan sevak


C)young India


Ans: Navjivan


17) Where is the origin of the river ‘Krishna’ in the Western That’s?




D)Sri sailam

Ans: Mahabaleswar


18) What makes the Goro hills famous in Meghalaya?





Ans: Rubber


19) Which states started ‘The Green Revolution’ in India?

  1. A) Madhya Pradesh
  2. B) Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
  3. C) Mumbai and Bangalore
  4. D) Punjab and Haryana

Ans: Punjab and Haryana


20) Who conducted the culture of ‘Hiranya Garbha’?

A)Danthi Durgudu


C)Gauthami Putrasathakarni


Ans: Danthi Durgudu


21) Who started the Non Government organisation- ‘ Ramadandu’?

A)Duggirala Gopala Krishna



D)Kinda Venkatappaya

Ans: Duggirala Gopala Krishna


22) How many Schedules are present in Indian legislation?





Ans: 12


23) Where is the nuclear plant ‘Kaiga’ present?

  1. A) Maharashtra
  2. B) Andhra Pradesh
  3. C) Tamil Nadu
  4. D) Karnataka

Ans: Karnataka


24) Who is known as ‘Deenabandhu’ ?

  1. A) Harley
  2. B) M.S.Rich
  3. C) V.S.Charles
  4. D) C.F.Andrus

Ans: C.F.Andrus


25) Which did the project ‘Tiger’ start?





Ans: 1973

26) Where is the present UNESCO central office?

  1. A) Belgium




Ans: Paris


27) How many members are present as Vidhan Parishyat members in Andhra Pradesh?





Ans: 58


28) Which is the instrument used for measuring the speed of wind?



  1. C) Thermometer


Ans: Anemometer


29) Which is the chemical used for the artificial rains?


B)Silver Iodide

C)Calcium sulphate

  1. D) magnesium Iodide

Ans: Silver Iodide


30) Which is the part of Pudicherry that lies in Kerala?





Ans: Maahe


31) Which of the human body produces Vitamin D?





Ans: Skin


32) Which is the planet that does not have Inherent satellites?





Ans: Mercury


33) Which states have ‘Jay’ as it’s state bird?

A)Mumbai, Utterpradesh


C)Odissa, Karnataka, Telangana

D)Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh

Ans: Odissa, Karnataka, Telangana


34) What is the present state bird of Andhra Pradesh?





Ans: Parrot


34) Who invented Dynamite?


B)Chandra Sekhar


D)Alphred noble

Ans: Alphred Noble


35) What is the help center number of India post?





Ans: 1924


36) Who is the first speaker of Lok Sabha after India’s independence?

A)Maira kumar

B)Ganesh Vasudev Moulankar

C)Sumitra Mahajan

D)M.A. Ayyangar

Ans: Ganesh Vasudev Moulankar


37) Which is the year when the Electronic commotion of India has been established?





Ans: 1950


38) Where is the stadium ‘Shivaji’ which is built for the game ‘hockey’?

  1. A) New Delhi


  1. C) Utter Pradesh
  2. D) Bangalore

Ans: New Delhi

39) What is the border line between India and Pakistan?

A)Radoliff line

B)MC Mohan line

C)Dorand line


Ans: Rodcliffe


40) What is the name the name given to the women who got highest education in short span of time?




D)Yeka sandagrahi

Ans: Brahmavaadhini


41) Which is the lengthiest river in the world?


  1. B) Amazon



Ans: Nyle


42) What is the capital of France?


  1. B) Bordeaux
  2. C) Strasbourg
  3. D) Paris

Ans: Paris


43) Which country first introduced the family planning?

  1. A) England




Ans: India


44) Which is the organ which is effected by Neumonia?




  1. D) Intestines

Ans: Lungs


45) Which is the one and only base harbour in India?





Ans: Kolkata


46) What are the festivals that comes in the autumn season?




D)Dasara, Diwali

Ans: Dasara, Diwali


47) Where is the rock cave ‘Bheem Bhedka’ where prodominal being lived?

A)Madhya Pradesh

  1. B) Uttarakhand

C)Utter Pradesh


Ans: Madhya Pradesh


48) Which is the first state that prohibited chemical medicines and insecticides?


  1. B) Lucknow



Ans: Sikkim


49) What is the depth under the ground to which the black slime is seen?

A)25 Feet

B)20 Feet

C)15 Feet

D)10 Feet

Ans: 15 feet


50) Which state is known as ‘The Garden of Species’ in India?

A)Utter Pradesh

B)Tamil Nadu

  1. C) Andhra Pradesh
  2. D) Gujarat

Ans: Kerala


51) Which state produces bulk of Soya bean?

A)Arunachal Pradesh

  1. B) Madhya Pradesh
  2. C) Bihar


Ans: Madhya Pradesh


52) Who is the writter of book ‘The God of Small Things’?

A)Arundhati Roy

B)Salman Rushdie

C)Greradh Da Husa

D)Pradeep Krishen

Ans: Arundhati Roy


53) How many Carols (Geethalu) are present in ‘Geethanjali’ that is written by Tagore?





Ans: 157


54) Which is the day where the whole has the same timings of day and night?

A)May 1

  1. B) September 23
  2. C) October 5

D)June 11

Ans: September 23


55) What is the Indian national Aquatic animal?


B)Star Fish

C)Jelly Fish

  1. D) Crocodile

Ans: Dolphin


56) Where did the first university start in India?

  1. A) Banglore


  1. C) Kolkatta


Ans: Kolkatta


57) Where is the Central Food Technology research institute ?


  1. B) Arunachal Pradesh



Ans: Dehradun


58) When did the slogan ‘Do or Die’ arise?

A)world war

B)salt march

C)Quit India movement


Ans: Quit India movement


59) What is the other name for North East monsoons?

  1. A) summer monsoon

B)winter monsoons

  1. C) spring


Ans: Winter monsoons


60) When did the services of Speed post started in India?





Ans: 1986

61) How categories are there in the Padma award?





Ans: 3


62) Who is the first person to do double century in One days?


B)Harbajen Singh



Ans: Sachin Tendulkar


63) Which is the biggest hot desert in the world?



  1. C) Sahara

D)The great run of Kutch

Ans: Sahara


64) Which is the year when Benares versity has been established?





Ans: 1916


65) What is the capital for America and United States?

  1. A) Washington DC
  2. B) New York
  3. C) Texas


Ans: Washington DC


66) When did the Prime minister’s ‘Pradhana mantri Ayushman Bharat’ started?

A)2017 July 15

B)2018 September 23

C)2018 October 2

D)2019 September 23

Ans: 2018 September 23


67) Where is the Nachiketha’s story from?





Ans: Katopanishath


68) Where does most part of the Tar desert exist?

A)Western Rajasthan

  1. B) Gujarat
  2. C) Mumbai
  3. D) Bangalore

Ans: Western Rajasthan


69) Which art has taken place during the Veera Saiva movement?

A)Janalada geyam

B)Hari kada

C)Burra kada

D)Pitta Kada

Ans: Burra kadha


70) During which time did Laal Bahadur sastry work as Prime minister?





Ans: 1964-1966


71)What is the basic temperature of the oceans?

A)0°C to 10°C

B)-5°C to 29°C

C)10°C to 30°C

D)-2°C to 29°C

Ans: -2°C to 29°C


72) When was the Indian Communist party established?





Ans: 1920


73) What is the capital of Portugal?





Ans: Lisban


74) Who worked as prolonged President of USA ?

  1. A) Franklin Roosevelt

B)Andrew Jackson

C)George Washington

D)John Adems

Ans: Franklin Roosevelt


75) On which river do the India’s lengthiest railway bridge is constructed?




  1. D) Brahmaputra

Ans: Brahmaputra


76) What is the full form of MSP?

  1. A) Minimum selling price
  2. B) Medium Selling price
  3. C) Minimum Support Price
  4. D) Maximum Support Price

Ans: Minimum Support Price


77) Which department uses the E-Drishti software?

  1. A) Electronic
  2. B) Telecom
  3. C) Railways

D)power distributors

Ans: Railways


78) What is the material that gives relief to stomach ache?


B)Milk of Magnesia

C)Calcium Hydroxide


Ans: Milk of Magnesia

79) Who wrote the book ‘Satarda Peakash’ ?

A)Dr. C. Narayan Reddy

B)Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi

C)Kandukuri Veresalingam

D)P.V. Narasimha Rao

Ans: Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi


80) What is the time taken for formation of reflected image in the eye?




D)0.001 sec

Ans: 0.1sec


81) What is the study of Nose?


  1. B) Rainoligy


  1. D) Axialogy

Ans: Rainoligy


82) Which state has the golden line of multi effective project?

  1. A) Nepal



  1. D) Bangladesh

Ans: Jarkhand


83 Who is the first finance commission chairman?

A)Ashok Lahiri

B)Anoop singh

C)Ajay Narayan Jha


Ans: K.C.Niyogi


84) Which country is first in exporting the Hemp?

  1. A) Bangladesh




Ans: Bangladesh


85)Which state has spreades to Western Ghats?


B)Madhya Pradesh



Ans: Orissa


86) Who is the Italy President who visited Vijayanagaram in B.C. 1420?

A)Nekolo Lanti

B)Oscar Luigi

C)Sandro periteni

D)Francisco Cosiga

Ans: Nekolo Lanti


87) At which time does the Bengal suffer with draught?





Ans: 1943-45


88) Which is the world’s smallest bird?


  1. B) Humming bird


D)king fisher

Ans: Humming bird


89) Who is the father of genetic science?

A)Gregan John Mendal

  1. B) Newton



Ans: Gregan John Mendal


90) Where is the LAL Bahadur Sastry Airport?

  1. A) Bangalore
  2. B) Varanasi
  3. C) Secunderabad


Ans: Varanasi


91) Who discovered the Ajantha Caves in 1819?


B)John Smith


D)John Adems

Ans: John Smith


92) Who is the sports person known as ‘pioni express’?





Ans: P.T. USHA


93) Who is the writter of the book  ‘Dark Room’?



  1. C) Williams

D)R K.Lakshman

Ans: R.K. Narayanan


94) Article 17 is related to what in Indian legislature?

  1. A) Fraternity
  2. B) Democracy

C)Removal of Untouchability

  1. D) Povarty

Ans: Removal of untouchability


95) How many bills have been approved in the winter meetings of Andhra Pradesh assembly?





Ans: 22


96) When is the International Human Solidarity day celebrated?

  1. A) November 1
  2. B) December 20

C)May 1

  1. D) September 14

Ans: December 20

97) Which country has declared ‘Sana Marin ‘ as it’s Lady Prime minister?




  1. D) Greenland

Ans: Finland


G.K questions

1)Which tribal tribe mostly exists in India?

  1. A) Gonds
  2. B) Bhils
  3. C) Santhal
  4. D) Munda

Ans: Gonds : 30lakhs


2) Which country’s capital in Europe does not lie on river?

  1. A) Spain
  2. B) Paris
  3. C) London
  4. D) Belgium

Ans: Madrid capital of Spain


3) Who is the first Telugu person to recieve DADASAHEBPLALKE Award?

  1. A) B. Nagireddy
  2. B) M.V.Prasad
  3. C) Dr. K.Vishwanath
  4. D) Dr.D. Ramanaidu

Ans: Dr. Akkineni Nageswarao


4) Which country in the world has the lengthiest border line in the world?

  1. A) Russia
  2. B) Spain
  3. C) U.K.
  4. D) France

Ans: Canada(2,02,080 km )


5) What is the river Brahmaputra called as in Arunachal Pradesh?

  1. A) Dihang
  2. B) Red river
  3. C) Yarlung Tsangpo
  4. D) The Hong

Ans: The Hong


6) What is the river Ganga called as in Bangladesh?

  1. A) Jahnavi
  2. B) Ganges
  3. C) The river Padma
  4. D) Tsangpo

Ans: The rever Padma


7) What is the length of river Ganga?

  1. A) 2,523km
  2. B) 1000km
  3. C) 1555km
  4. D) 2553km

Ans: 2,523km


8) Which is the world’s biggest Epic?

  1. A) Bible
  2. B) Huran
  3. C) Mahabharata
  4. D) Ramayana

Ans: Mahabharata(contains 74000-poems and 1.8 lakhs words)


9) Which is the first country to provide the right of vote for women?

  1. A) France
  2. B) Newzland
  3. C) Canada
  4. D) Australia

Ans: Newzland


10) Which is the first state to start Municipal Corporation in India?

  1. A) Utterpradesh
  2. B) Mumbai
  3. C) Chennai
  4. D) Kolkata

Ans: Chennai


11) Where is the first Urban Development company in India?

  1. A) Nepal
  2. B) Gujarat
  3. C) Kolkotta
  4. D) Delhi

Ans: Delhi(1964)


12) Which is the first satellite that has been sent from Sriharikota Space research center?

  1. A) Microsat
  2. B) Rohini
  3. C) Aryabatta
  4. D) Insat

Ans: Rohini


13) Who is the first Chairman of ISRO?

  1. A) A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  2. B) A.S. Kiran Kumar
  3. C) Vikram Sarabhai
  4. D) Satish Dawan

Ans: Vikram Sarabhai


14) What is the name of the spaceship which is being prepared by India by its Indeginous knowledge?

  1. A) Insat-2E
  2. B) Avatar
  3. C) Scasat
  4. D) Insat-3DR

Ans: Avatar


15) Which is Satellite based Navigation community that is being manufactured by Indian air force and ISRO?

  1. A) Gagan
  2. B) IRNSS-1F
  3. C) IRNSS-1A
  4. D) IRNSS-1E

Ans: Gagan


16) What is the name of the Spacecraft in which the first Indian Rakesh Sharma who have gone into space?

  1. A) RISAT
  2. B) GSAT
  3. C) SOYAZ T-11

Ans: Soyuz T-11


17) What is the name of India’s first whether satellite Metsat?

  1. A) Nimbuz
  2. B) Kalpana-1
  3. C) Insat-3D
  4. D) Insat-3A

Ans: Kalpana-1


18) Who is the first Indian woman to travel to space ?

  1. A) Shawna Pandya
  2. B) Shredda
  3. C) Sunitha Williams
  4. D) Kalpana Chawla

Ans: Kalpana Chawla


19) Who is the first Indian tourist to travel to space?

  1. A) Mark
  2. B) Santhosh George Kulangar
  3. C) Dennis Tito
  4. D) Anoisheh Ansari

Ans: Santhosh George Kulangar


20) What is the name of the first Satellite that India has launched?

  1. A) Moon
  2. B) Aryabatta
  3. C) Microsat
  4. D) INSAT

Ans: Aryabatta(launched on 1975 April 19)


21) Where is the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology?

  1. A) Maharashtra
  2. B) Karnataka
  3. C) Kerala
  4. D) Thiruvananthapuram

Ans: Thiruvananthapuram


22) When did Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has been established for space research?

  1. A) 1969
  2. B) 1978
  3. C) 1977


Ans: 1969


23) Where is the head office of ISRO?

  1. A) Bihar
  2. B) Gujarat
  3. C) Bangalore
  4. D) Mumbai

Ans: Bangalore


24) Which is the animal that can even after eating iron?

  1. A) Crocodile
  2. B) Tortoise
  3. C) Ox
  4. D) Hippobotumus

Ans: Crocodile


25) Which is the element that lies on layers of earth?

  1. A) Helium
  2. B) Aluminium
  3. C) Phosphorus
  4. D) Ferrous

Ans: Phosphorus


26) Who is the founder of Facebook?

  1. A) Sundar Pichai
  2. B) Maxima Mark Zuckerberg
  3. C) Mark Zuckerberg
  4. D) Bill Gates

Ans: Mark Zuckerberg


27) Who indicated the name United Nations?

  1. A) Franklin D Rusvelt
  2. B) John Rich
  3. C) Williams
  4. D) Dennis

Ans: Franklin D Rusvelt


28) Who is the present Secretary General of United Nations?

  1. A) Fillipo Grandi
  2. B) Baan Ki Moon
  3. C) Kim
  4. D) Antonio Guterres

Ans: Antònio Guterres


29) Where was the first meeting of SAARC held?

  1. A) Pakistan
  2. B) Nepal
  3. C) Dhaka
  4. D) Maldives

Ans: Bangladesh Capital, Dhaka


30) When was SAARC first meeting held?

  1. A) 1980
  2. B) 1999
  3. C) 1985
  4. D) 1989

Ans: 1985


31) What is the Capital of recently originated South Sudan?

  1. A) Malakal
  2. B) Juba
  3. C) Khartoum
  4. D) Kampala

Ans: Juba


32) Which has been added as the eighth country in the SAARC countries in 2007?

  1. A) Afghanistan
  2. B) India
  3. C) Pakistan
  4. D) Bangladesh

Ans: Afghanistan

33) What is the name that has been given to 2011 by United Nations?

  1. A) International Forest year
  2. B) International farmers day
  3. C) International women’s Day
  4. D) International People day

Ans: International Forest year and International Chemicals year


34) Which is the continent that does not have Population?

  1. A) America
  2. B) Antarctica
  3. C) Green land
  4. D) Asia

Ans: Antarctica


35) What is the other name for ‘Antarcatica’?

  1. A) Ice land
  2. B) Land of Penguins and seals
  3. C) Winter continent
  4. D) Snow continent

Ans: Snow continent


36) Which of the following countries is a G-8 coalition country?

  1. A) Columbia, China
  2. B) China, India
  3. C) America, Russia
  4. D) Columbia, Mexico

Ans: America, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Canada Japan, Germany


37) What is the estimated increase in the population of India according to The United Nations?

  1. A) 170 crores
  2. B) 171.8crores
  3. C) 180.8 crores
  4. D) 150 crores

Ans: 171.8 crores


38) Where is the World Bank?

  1. A) Paris
  2. B) Washington
  3. C) London
  4. D) Switzerland

Ans: Washington


39) Which animal has highest life span?

  1. A) Lion
  2. B) Tortoise
  3. C) Crocodile
  4. D) Donkey

Ans: Tortoise


40) Which material has low density?

  1. A) Glass
  2. B) Aluminium
  3. C) Steel
  4. D) Wood

Ans: Wood


41) What is the other name of Mahabharata?

  1. A) Arjuna’s Victory
  2. B) Jaya Samhitha
  3. C) Krishna leela
  4. D) Krishna Kadha

Ans: Jaya Samhitha


42) What is the metal present in Heamoglobin?

  1. A) Calcium
  2. B) Iron
  3. C) Sodium
  4. D) Phosphorus

Ans: Iron


43) Who wrote Ramacharitha Manas?

  1. A) Tulasi Daas
  2. B) Pattabhi
  3. C) Aryabatta
  4. D) Sundaram

Ans: Tulasi Daas


44) Which gas is known as ‘laughing gas’?

  1. A) Hydrogen Peroxide
  2. B) Nitrous Oxide
  3. C) Nitrogen trioxide
  4. D) Helium dioxide

Ans: Nitrous oxide


45) Which day is celebrated as ‘World Environment Day’?

  1. A) May 1
  2. B) June 5
  3. C) December 10
  4. D) July 20

Ans: June 5


46) Who stepped on Moon first?

  1. A) Sunitha Williams
  2. B) Neil Armstrong
  3. C) Kalpana Chawla
  4. D) Yuri Gagarin

Ans: Neil Armstrong


47) Which planet is known as ‘Red Planet’ ?

  1. A) Saturn
  2. B) Mars
  3. C) Earth
  4. D) Neptune

Ans: Mars


48) What makes Radium?

  1. A) Pitchblende
  2. B) Radon
  3. C) Uranite
  4. D) Radon-22

Ans: Pitchblende


49) Which country has the highest population?

  1. A) America
  2. B) China
  3. C) India
  4. D) Australia

Ans: China


50) What is related to the ‘The White Revolution’?

  1. A) Fight for equality between whites and blacks
  2. B) Fight against white Africans
  3. C) Production of milk
  4. D) Production of cotton seeds

Ans: Production of Milk


51) Which city is known as the Seven hills city?

  1. A) Rome
  2. B) Shenzhen
  3. C) Chicago
  4. D) New York

Ans: Rome


52) Who is known as Lion of Andhra(Andhra Kesari)?

  1. A) Tanguturi Prakasam
  2. B) Veerselingam
  3. C) Bobbili
  4. D) Alluri Seetha Rama Raju

Ans: Tanguturi Prakasam


53) What is known as the Beekeeping?

  1. A) Apiculture
  2. B) Aquaculture
  3. C) silviculture
  4. D) Horticulture

Ans: Apiculture


54) Which decade is declared as the removal of poverty by SAARC?

  1. A) 2005-20015
  2. B) 2003-2013
  3. C) 2007-2017
  4. D) 2008-2018

Ans: 2005-2015


55) Which department decides the election icon for parties in India?

  1. A) CBI
  2. B) NITI Ayog
  3. C) Election Commission
  4. D) Planning commission

Ans: Election Commission


56) Where is the world’s whether broadcast organisation?

  1. A) Bern
  2. B) Geneeva
  3. C) Switzerland
  4. D) Zürich

Ans: Geneeva


57) What is the new name of Dutch East Indies?

  1. A) Phillipines
  2. B) Indonesia
  3. C) Malasia
  4. D) Jakharta

Ans: Indonesia


58) Who is known as Andhra Ratna?

  1. A) Tharaka Ramarao
  2. B) Duggirala Gopala Krishna
  3. C) Tenali Ramakrishna
  4. D) Tanguturi Prakasam

Ans: Duggirala Gopala Krishna


59) What is the ruling religion of India?

  1. A) Hindus
  2. B) Buddists
  3. C) Muslims
  4. D) secular realm

Ans: It is secular realm hence has no ruling religion


60) What is the right to vote in elections?

  1. A) Indian right
  2. B) Political right
  3. C) Individual right
  4. D) Birth right

Ans: Political right


61) Where is the main branch of The United Nations?

  1. A) New York
  2. B) Newzland
  3. C) Mexico
  4. D) London

Ans: New York


62) Where was the first gold mine found in India?

  1. A) Jammu and Kashmir
  2. B) Andhra Pradesh
  3. C) Rajasthan
  4. D) Madhya Pradesh

Ans: Andhra Pradesh


63) How many postal zones are present in Andhra Pradesh?

  1. A) 8
  2. B) 15
  3. C) 19
  4. D) 5

Ans: Eight


64) Which game is related to Devis cup?

  1. A) Tennis
  2. B) cricket
  3. C) Batminton
  4. D) Foot ball

Ans: Tennis


65) Who is the first actress to recieve Padma Shri?

  1. A) Nargis Dutt
  2. B) Andi Gopal Joshi
  3. C) Indira Gandhi
  4. D) Sania Merza

Ans: Nargis Dutt


66) Which enzyme changed milk to curd?

  1. A) pH
  2. B) Rennin
  3. C) Yogurt
  4. D) Caesin

Ans: Rennin


67) Which commission suggests to remove I.A.S. and I.P.S.?

  1. A) Election Commission


  1. C) Rajat Mannar Commission


Ans: Raja Mannar Commission


68) How many post office are presently there in India?

  1. A) 1,00,00
  2. B) 1,50,000
  3. C) 2,00,000
  4. D) 50,000

Ans: 1,50,000


69) What is known as ‘White Coal’?

  1. A) Steel
  2. B) Aluminium
  3. C) Bronze
  4. D) Diamond

Ans: Diamond


70) Which is the first commercial bank in India that has started mobile ATM services?

  1. A) state bank of India
  2. B) INIAN
  3. C) ICICI
  4. D) Swiss band

Ans: I.C.I.C.I


71) Which country has the highest number of atomic reactors?

  1. A) India
  2. B) China
  3. C) America
  4. D) Korea

Ans: America


72) Which country has primarily started using television as soon as it’s invention?

  1. A) America
  2. B) Australia
  3. C) U.k
  4. D) Britain

Ans: Britain


73) Who wrote the book crime and money laundering?

  1. A) Jyothi Priya
  2. B) Jyothi Sharma
  3. C) Jyothi Trehan
  4. D) Veer Savarkar

Ans: Jyothi Trehan


74) Which state is first in production of power?

  1. A) Karnataka
  2. B) Kerala
  3. C) Tamil Nadu
  4. D) Gujarat

Ans: Tamil Nadu


75) Which state has more number of universities in India?

  1. A) Bangalore
  2. B) Maharashtra
  3. C) Andhra Pradesh
  4. D) Chennai

Ans: Maharashtra

76) Where is Indian military academy located?

  1. A) Mumbai
  2. B) Bangalore
  3. C) Darjiling
  4. D) Dehradun

Ans: Dehradun


77) What is known as the study of fingerprints?

  1. A) Dactography
  2. B) Dactylography
  3. C) Dactilitium
  4. D) Dactility

Ans: Dactylography


78) Where is the Dal lake?

  1. A) Madhya Pradesh
  2. B) Srinagar
  3. C) Bangladesh
  4. D) Sri Lanka

Ans: Srinagar


79) Which state is mostly effected by floods in India?

  1. A) Andhra Pradesh
  2. B) Kerala
  3. C) Bihar
  4. D) Assam

Ans: Assam


80) What is the span of America’s President?

  1. A) 6 years
  2. B) 3 years
  3. C) 4 years
  4. D) 5 years

Ans: 4years


81) Which state produces most of the cane in India?

  1. A) Mumbai
  2. B) Utterpradesh
  3. C) Delhi
  4. D) Jarkhand

Ans: Utterpradesh


82) Which is the oldest mammal?

  1. A) Achinda
  2. B) Cat
  3. C) Bat
  4. D) Bear

Ans: Achinda


83) Which is the tallest animal?

  1. A) Elephant
  2. B) Brown bear
  3. C) Giraffe
  4. D) Ostrich

Ans: Giraffe


84) Which is the biggest bird?

  1. A) Ostrich
  2. B) Cassowory
  3. C) Emu
  4. D) Eagle

Ans: Ostrich


85) Which is the smallest bird?

  1. A) Tickell’s flowerpecker
  2. B) Small Sparrow
  3. C) Humming bird
  4. D) Dodo

Ans: Humming bird


86) Which is the fastest running animal?

  1. A) Zebra
  2. B) Chetah
  3. C) Tiger
  4. D) Lion

Ans: Chetah


87) Which animal can jump longer distances?

  1. A) Chetah
  2. B) Tiger
  3. C) Kangaroo
  4. D) Lion

Ans: Kangaroo


88) Which part of India yields both tea Ans coffe crops?





Ans: South India


89) Which state in India produces more coconut?

  1. A) Utterpradesh
  2. B) Maharashtra
  3. C) Karnataka
  4. D) Kerala

Ans: Kerala


90) What is the crop that is mostly grown in Gujarat?

  1. A) finger millet
  2. B) Pearl millet
  3. C) Sprouting
  4. D) Poroso millet

Ans: Pearl millet


91) Which crop is famous in Darjiling?

  1. A) grains
  2. B) rice
  3. C) tea
  4. D) coffee

Ans: Tea


92) Which is the fastest flying bird?

  1. A) White-Throated Needletail
  2. B) Swift
  3. C) Falcon
  4. D) Golden Eagle

Ans: Swift bird


93) Which state produces most of the jute?

  1. A) Kerala
  2. B) West Bengal
  3. C) Karnataka
  4. D) Madhya Pradesh

Ans: West Bengal

94) Which is not a commercial crop?

  1. A) Cane
  2. B) Pearl Millet
  3. C) Daal
  4. D) Cotton

Ans: Pearl millet


95) Which state supplies most of the corn?

  1. A) Assam
  2. B) Bihar
  3. C) Maharashtra
  4. D) Utterpradesh

Ans: Utterpradesh


96) Which state produces most of the wheat?

  1. A) Utterpradesh
  2. B) Maharashtra
  3. C) Nepal
  4. D) Rajathan

Ans: Utterpradesh


97) Which sand is likely to yield more rice?

  1. A) Sand
  2. B) Clay in delta region
  3. C) Black soil near equator
  4. D) Red soil

Ans: Clay in the Delta region


98) Which crop needs the storage of water for yield?

  1. A) Daal
  2. B) Mirch
  3. C) Cotton
  4. D) Rice

Ans: Rice


99) Which states produces more cotton?

  1. A) Kerala
  2. B) Gujarat
  3. C) Madhya Pradesh
  4. D) Nepal

Ans: Gujarat, Maharashtra


100) Who is the first person to go to space?

  1. A) Yuri Gagarin
  2. B) Tereshkova
  3. C) Kalpana Chawla
  4. D) Sunitha Williams

Ans: Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin


101) Which year did the first person go to the space?

  1. A) 1981
  2. B) 1990
  3. C) 1961
  4. D) 1970

Ans: 1961


102) Which is the first living being sent into space?

  1. A) Monkey
  2. B) Cat
  3. C) Dog
  4. D) Rat

Ans: Dog named Lila


103) Who is the first woman to climb the Mount Everest?

  1. A) Premlatha Agarwal
  2. B) Jukothabi
  3. C) Arunima Sinha
  4. D) Bachendri Paul

Ans: Jukothabi(Japan, 1975)


104) Who is the first President of Britain?

  1. A) Robert Walpole
  2. B) Therisa May
  3. C) John Major
  4. D) Tony Blair

Ans: Robert Walpole


105) Who is the first lady President of Britain?

  1. A) Borenee
  2. B) Agarwal
  3. C) Williams
  4. D) Margret Thachar

Ans: Margret Thachar


106) Who is the first American President to be killed?

  1. A) John F.Kennedy
  2. B) William Mckinley
  3. C) Abraham Lincoln
  4. D) James A. Garfield

Ans: Abraham Lincoln


107) Who is the first black African to become the President of South Africa?

  1. A) Winnie
  2. B) Nilsan Mandela
  3. C) Desmond Tutu
  4. D) Thabo mabki

Ans: Nilsan Mandela


108) Who is the first test tube baby?

  1. A) Loyce Brown
  2. B) Durga
  3. C) Subhash
  4. D) Kanupriya Agarwal

Ans: Loyce Brown( 1978 July 25 )


109) Where was the first test tube baby born?

  1. A) England
  2. B) London
  3. C) India
  4. D) U.K.

Ans: England


110) Who is the first lady President in the world?

  1. A) Maria Estela Peron
  2. B) Sirimanavo
  3. C) Soong Ching Ling
  4. D) Golda Meir

Ans: Maria Estela Peron


111) Who is the first lady Prime minister in the world?

  1. A) Golda meir
  2. B) Sirimanavo Bandaru Nayake
  3. C) Maria Estela Peron
  4. D) Soong Ching Ling

Ans: Sirimavo Bandaru Nayake

112) Who is the first Chines to visit India?

  1. A) Marcopolo
  2. B) Pahiyan
  3. C) Faxian
  4. D) Fa Hein

Ans: Pahiyan


113) Who is the first European to Invade India?

  1. A) Olympias
  2. B) Aristotle
  3. C) Julius Caesar
  4. D) Alexander

Ans: Alexander


114) Who is the first person for the heart transplantation?

  1. A) Christian Bernad
  2. B) John
  3. C) Adrian Kantrowitz
  4. D) Philip Blaiberg

Ans: Christian Bernad


115) When was first case of AIDS registered?

  1. A) 1981
  2. B) 1990
  3. C) 1917
  4. D) 1970

Ans: 1981


116) Where was first case of AIDS registered?

  1. A) Australia
  2. B) France
  3. C) America
  4. D) Canada

Ans: America


117) Who is the father of Green revolution of the world?

  1. A) Gordan Conway
  2. B) Norman Borlak
  3. C) Hiralal Chowdary
  4. D) M.S. Swaminathan

Ans: Norman Borlak


118) Which organisation have manufactured the Domestic Battle tank?

  1. A) NASA
  2. B) DRDO
  3. C) NITI Ayog
  4. D) OSRO



119) Who is the person to take charge as Chief Minister for the highest span ?

  1. A) Naveen Patnaik
  2. B) Jyothibas
  3. C) Pawan Kumar
  4. D) Gearge Apang

Ans: Jyothibas


120) Which country’s Chief Minister have been Neiphiu Rio?

  1. A) Meghalaya
  2. B) Mizoram
  3. C) Nagaland
  4. D) Manipur

Ans: Nagaland


121) Which is the book tha notifies the National records?

  1. A) Indian heroes
  2. B) Limca
  3. C) Guniss
  4. D) Indian records

Ans: Limca book of records


122) Which Game winners recieve the Santhosh Trophy?

  1. A) Batminton
  2. B) Football
  3. C) Tennis
  4. D) table tennis

Ans: Football

123) President of India?

  1. A) Narendra Modi
  2. B) Prathibha Patil
  3. C) Ramnath Govindh
  4. D) Venkaiah Naidu

Ans: Ramnath Govindh


124) Who is the Vice-president of India?

  1. A) ARUN jaitley
  2. B) Sumitra Mahajan
  3. C) Venkaiah Naidu
  4. D) Narendra Modi

Ans: Venkaiah Naidu


125) Who is the speaker of Lok Sabha?

  1. A) Sathish
  2. B) Om Birla
  3. C) Venkaiah Naidu
  4. D) Narendra Modi

Ans: Om Birla


126) Who is the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?

  1. A) Arjun Jaitley
  2. B) Present vacant
  3. C) Venkaiah Naidu
  4. D) Narendra Modi

Ans: Presently vacant


127) Who the chairman of NITI Ayog?

  1. A) Ramnath Govindh
  2. B) Narendra Modi
  3. C) Prathibha Patil
  4. D) Pranab Mukharji

Ans: Narendra Modi


128) Who is Brahmarshi?

  1. A) Raghupathi Venkata Ratnam Naidu
  2. B) Tanguturi Prakasam
  3. C) Veeresalingam
  4. D) Tenali Ramakrishna

Ans: Raghupathi Venkata Ratnam Naidu


129) What is the capital of Sathavahanam?

  1. A) Dhanyakatakam
  2. B) Sitanagaram
  3. C) Dharanikota
  4. D) Ghantasala

Ans: Dhanyakatakam, Prathishtanam


130) What is the title of Rani Rudrama Devi?

  1. A) Queen ever
  2. B) Fighter Queen
  3. C) Queen of Vijayanagaram
  4. D) Lion to the Elephant like Kings

Ans: Lion to the Elephant like Kings(Rayagaja Kesari)


131) Which day is known as the Farmer’s day?

  1. A) June 6
  2. B) December 23
  3. C) October 10
  4. D) January 5

Ans: December- 23


132) What is the party’s election symbol of Anna DMK?

  1. A) Chappal
  2. B) Hand
  3. C) Two Leaves
  4. D) Fan

Ans: Two Leaves


133) What is the scientific name of rice?

  1. A) Grains
  2. B) Duram
  3. C) Triticum aestivum
  4. D) Origa Sativa

Ans: Origa Sativa


134) What is the scientific name of Wheat?

  1. A) Durum
  2. B) Streptophitum
  3. C) Triticum aestivum
  4. D) Viridiliplanti

Ans: Triticum aestivum


135) What is the mixture of steel?

  1. A) Phosphate+Iron+Chromium+Carbon+Nickel
  2. B) Idon+Carbon+Chromium
  3. C) Chromium+Nickel
  4. D) Iron+Carbon+Chromium+Nickel

Ans: Iron+carbon+Chromium+Nickel


136) What is the chemical formula of Ozone?

  1. A) O3
  2. B) O
  3. C) O2
  4. D) O4



137) What is the life span of RBC cells?

  1. A) 1000days
  2. B) 120 days
  3. C) 100days
  4. D) 60days

Ans: 120days


138) Who is the winner of 2016 Medicine Noble Prize Winner?

  1. A) Oshinoru Oshimi
  2. B) Peter
  3. C) William
  4. D) James

Ans: Oshinoru Oshimi


139) 2016 Literature noble prize winner?

  1. A) Peter
  2. B) Alice
  3. C) Patrik
  4. D) Bobe Deelan

Ans:Bobe Deelan

140) Who is the winner of Noble Peace prize?

  1. A) Dennis
  2. B) Nadia
  3. C) Khalash Sathyavarthi
  4. D) Juan Manuel Santos

Ans: Juan Manuel Santos

Quiz Questions

1) Who is the first leader of NITI Ayog?

  1. A) Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. B) Narendra Modi
  3. C) Aravind Pangariya

D)Arun Jaitley

Ans: Aravind Pangariya


2) Where is Los Angeles located?

  1. A) Chile
  2. B) Colombio
  3. C) Venejulia
  4. D) Beluvilia

Ans: Venezuela


3) What is the temperature at the novel of earth?

  1. A) 8000°
  2. B) 6000°
  3. C) 6500°
  4. D) 7000°

Ans: 6000°


4) Which tribes are present in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

  1. A) Negrito
  2. B) Jarawas
  3. C) Archiac admixture
  4. D) Sentineless tribe

Ans: Negrito


5) From which language is the word ‘Psychology’ taken?

  1. A) Greek
  2. B) French
  3. C) Latin
  4. D) Italian

Ans: Greek


6) Which is the smallest state in India?

  1. A) Kerala
  2. B) Bhopal
  3. C) Gujarat
  4. D) Goa

Ans: Goa


7) What is the total sum of angles in a triangle?

  1. A) 300°
  2. B) 320°
  3. C) 360°
  4. D) 180°

Ans: 180°


8) Which of the following has a the fluid form of texture of metal?

  1. A) Ciesium
  2. B) Francium
  3. C) Mercury
  4. D) Gallium

Ans: Mercury


9) Who designed the Indian flag?

  1. A) Tulasi Daas
  2. B) Veresalingam
  3. C) Tanguturi Prakasam
  4. D) Pingali Venkaiah

Ans: Pingali Venkaiah


10) Which of the following yields most of the coffee crop?

  1. A) Indonesia
  2. B) Hondurous
  3. C) Vietnam
  4. D) Brazil

Ans: Brazil


11) To which religion does the’Thripitakas’ belong?

  1. A) Buddists
  2. B) Christian
  3. C) Sikhs
  4. D) Islam

Ans: Buddists


12) Which cells guides the body as a Gaurd?

  1. A) Enzymes
  2. B) Platelets
  3. C) Red Blood Cells
  4. D) White Blood Cells

Ans: White Blood Cells


13) Which chemical is used to remove the strains such as oil on clothes?

  1. A) Phenyl group
  2. B) Benzene
  3. C) Naphthalene
  4. D) phinyl

Ans: Benzene


14) Which substance exists in solid, liquid and gasous states?

  1. A) Chlorine
  2. B) Hydrogen
  3. C) water
  4. D) Oxygen

Ans: Water


15) Who is the gaurdian of Akbar?

  1. A) Abul Fazal
  2. B) Birmal
  3. C) Jahangir
  4. D) Bairam Khan

Ans: Bairam Khan


16) To which emperor does Sher Shah belong?

  1. A) Ala-ud-din
  2. B) Mohommad
  3. C) Mughals
  4. D) Sur

Ans: Sur


17) What is the time taken for earth’s revolution?

  1. A) 8 months
  2. B) 365 days
  3. C) 6 months
  4. D) 360 days

Ans: 365days


18) Which od these is an International sea?

  1. A) Elbe
  2. B) Rhine
  3. C) Volgha
  4. D) Daanub

Ans: daanub


19) How many chromosomes are present in human?

  1. A) 46
  2. B) 50
  3. C) 23
  4. D) 46pairs

Ans: 46


20) The permission for the establishment of East India company was given during the time of which emporor?

  1. A) Akbar
  2. B) Sher Shah
  3. C) Shah Jahan
  4. D) Jahangir

Ans: Jahangir


21) Who is the first Indian to travel to space?

  1. A) Sunitha Williams
  2. B) Rakesh Sharma
  3. C) Kalpana Chawla
  4. D) Neil Armstrong

Ans: Rakesh Sharma


22) Which is the state that has English as it’s ruling language?

  1. A) Switzerland
  2. B) India
  3. C) Nagaland
  4. D) Pakistan

Ans: Nagaland


23) Where is Mount Everest situated?

  1. A) Bhutan
  2. B) Nepal
  3. C) Mangolia
  4. D) Tibet

Ans: Nepal


24) Which is the project constructed on Mahanadi?

  1. A) Bhakra Dam
  2. B) Nagarjuna Sagar
  3. C) Hirakud
  4. D) Sardar Sarovaram Dam

Ans: Hirakud


25) Who have discovered the sea way to India?

  1. A) Marco Polo
  2. B) Vaskodigama
  3. C) Prince Henry
  4. D) Columbus

Ans: Vaskodigama

26) Who invented the Ball point pen?

  1. A) John Logie
  2. B) Laszló Biró
  3. C) Maechel Bich
  4. D) Crestal Carson

Ans: Laszló Biró


27) What is the other name for Vitamin C?

  1. A) Retinol
  2. B) Resverotol
  3. C) Tochopherol
  4. D) none

Ans: Retinol

Telangana General Knowledge Quiz 1

1) In the year of 2012 December who has been selected as the Home Minister by the Central government in the place of Chidambaram?

  1. A) Sushil Kumar Shinde
  2. B) Talasani Srinivas Yadav
  3. C) Eetela Rajendra
  4. D) Jagadeesh Reddy

Ans: SushilKumar Shindey


2) When was the All-Party meeting held in Telengana after Sushil Kumar Shinde?

  1. A) 15 December 2012
  2. B) 13 November 2012
  3. C) 22 December 2012
  4. D) 28 December 2012

Ans: 28 December 2012


3) Who are the members of Congress party, have resigned on 2  June 2012 and have joined the TRS ?

  1. A) K.Leshavarao
  2. B) Vivek
  3. C) Manda Jagannadam
  4. D) All of above

Ans: All of above


4) In which party was Telangana City Committee merged which was established by Janarthan Reddy?

  1. A) TDP
  2. B) YSR Congress
  3. C) B.J.P.
  4. D) Congress

Ans: B.J.P.


5) Where was the ‘Telangana Sadhana Sabha’ conducted by Telangana Congress on 30 July 2013?

  1. A) Hyderabad
  2. B) Nizambad
  3. C) Nalgonda
  4. D) warangal

Ans: Hyderabad


6) When was the meeting of core Telangana committee held, which was appointed for Telangana during the bifurcation of Telangana?

  1. A) 15 August 2013
  2. B) 16 June 2013
  3. C) 11 September 2013
  4. D) 11 July 2013

Ans: 11 July 2013


7) For the establishment of the Telangana state which is the committee appointed by central government on 6 July 2013?

  1. A) Sri Krishna committee
  2. B) Kiran Kumar committee
  3. C) Both 1 and 2
  4. D) none of the above

Ans: Antony Committee


8) During the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, who are the other members from the following, appointed in the Antony Committee by the union?

  1. A) Veerappa Mouli
  2. B) Ahmad Patel
  3. C) Digvijay Singh
  4. D) All the above

Ans: all the above


9) During the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, how many crores are needed for the development of Capital, did Chandra Babu Naidu mention?

  1. A) 15 lakh Crores
  2. B) 10 lakh Crores
  3. C) 100 Crores
  4. D) 5 Lakh Crores

Ans: 5 Lakh Crores


10) On 21 September 2013 where is the ‘Integrated Andhra’ meeting conducted by employee committee leader ?

  1. A) Guntur
  2. B) Kammam
  3. C) Hyderabad
  4. D) Kadapa

Ans: Hyderabad


11) During the ‘Integrated Andhra meeting’ (samaikhya Sabha) on 21 September 2013 who is conistable who have shouted “Jai Telangana” ?

  1. A) Ratnam
  2. B) Venkatappaya
  3. C) B. Srinivas
  4. D) Subbarao

Ans: B. Srinivas


12) On 29 September 2013 what is the name of meeting conducted at Nijam College Grand?

  1. A) Sakala Janabheri
  2. B) Jai Telangana
  3. C) Samaikhya Sabha
  4. D) Samaikhya Andhra

Ans: Sakala Janabheri


13) When did the Central Government make ready the ‘Telangana Bill’?

  1. A) 3 January 2014
  2. B) 15 November 2013
  3. C) 30 October 2013
  4. D) 3 October 2013

Ans: 3rd October 2013


14) Which leader did the Integrated fasting (samaikhya deeksha) on 5 October 2013 at Hyderabad?

  1. A) Jagan Mohan Reddy
  2. B) Chandra Babu Naidu
  3. C) Kiran Kumar Reddy
  4. D) Rosayya

Ans: Jagan Mohan Reddy


15) Which leader did fasting at Delhi near AP Bhavan on 7 October 2013?

  1. A) Kiran Kumar Reddy
  2. B) KCR
  3. C) Jagan Mohan Reddy
  4. D) Chandra Babu Naidu

Ans: Chandra Babu Naidu


16) Who are the people who have brought on to the screem about ‘Rayala Telangana’?

  1. A) J.C.Divakar Reddy
  2. B) T.G. Venkatesh
  3. C) Both of them
  4. D) None

Ans: Both of them


17) When was the Telangana Musadha Bill approved by the Cabinet?

  1. A) 10 December 2013
  2. B) 12 January 201£44
  3. C) 5 December 2013
  4. D) 15 December 2013

Ans: 5 December 2013


18) What is the time given by the Governor to the AP Assembly for deciding about the Andhra Pradesh Musaidha Bill?

  1. A) 5weeks
  2. B) 4weeks
  3. C) 7weeks
  4. D) 6 weeks

Ans: 6weeks


19) When were the papers of the mosidha bill submitted to the State Legislatives?

  1. A) 1 January 2014
  2. B) 5 December 2013
  3. C) 14 December 2013
  4. D) 30 October 2013

Ans: 5 December 2013


20) How many people have spoken Live on the Telangana musaidha Bill?

  1. A) 50 members
  2. B) 75 members
  3. C) 87 members
  4. D) 100 members

Ans: 87 members


21) Protesting the bifurcation of Telangana state, where did the Chief Minister do mouna deeksha on 5 February 2014 ?

  1. A) Near parliament
  2. B) AP Bhavan
  3. C) Raam Leela Ground
  4. D) Janthar Manthar

Ans: Janthar Manthar


22) Who have introduced the Andhra Pradesh Reconstruction System Bill in the Lok Sabha on 13 February 2014?

  1. A) Narayana
  2. B) Nimmakayala Chinna Rajappa
  3. C) Kanna Lakshmi Narayana
  4. D) Sushil Kumar Shinde

Ans: Sushil Kumar Shinde


23) As soon as the Telangana state bifurcation bill has been introduced in Lok Sabha who have sprayed the pepper spray on members of Lok Sabha?

  1. A) Lagadapati Raja Gopal
  2. B) Rayapati Samba Siva Rao
  3. C) Jagan Mohan Reddy
  4. D) Chandra Babu Naidu

Ans: Lagadapati Raja Gopal


24) As soon as the Telangana Bill have been approved who are the leaders have resigned?

  1. A) KCR
  2. B) Jagan Mohan Reddy
  3. C) Chandra Babu Naidu
  4. D) Kiran Kumar Reddy

Ans: Kiran Kumar Reddy


25) On which day was the meeting held held in Rajya Sabha and got approved by the vote of Moojuvani?

  1. A) 30 October 2013
  2. B) 13 February 2014
  3. C) 20 February 2014
  4. D) 23 December 2013

Ans: 20 February 2014

Telangana General Knowledge Quiz 2

1) What is the first festival of Telugu people?

  1. A) Dewali
  2. B) Pongal
  3. C) Ugadi
  4. D) Maha Siva Ratri

Ans: Ugadi


2) Who constructed the Rama Temple (Ramalayam) at Badrachalam?

  1. A) Annamayya
  2. B) Kancherla Gopanna
  3. C) Sri Krishna Devarayalu
  4. D) Tyagaraju

Ans: Kancherla Gopanna


3) In which district does the Sri Rama Navami festival is celebrated as a ritual?

  1. A) Kareem Nagar
  2. B) Khammam
  3. C) Kadapa
  4. D) Nalgonda

Ans: Khammam


4) What is the festival celebrated on ‘Bhandra pada Sudha Chavathi’ through out the country?

  1. A) Vinayaka Chavathi
  2. B) Holi
  3. C) Diwali
  4. D) Pongal

Ans: Vinayaka Chavathi


5) What are the festivals celebrated in the month of Aswayuja for 9 days?

  1. A) Dasara
  2. B) Devi navaratrulu
  3. C) only A
  4. D) Both A and B

Ans: Both A and B


6) Which Goddess recieves prayers on Diwali?

  1. A) Lakshmi Devi
  2. B) Durga Devi
  3. C) Saraswathi Devi
  4. D) Parvathi Devi

Ans: Lakshmi Devi


7) Where does Siva Ratri  festival celebrated as a ritual?

  1. A) Medak
  2. B) Vemulavaada
  3. C) Khammam
  4. D) Nalgonda

Ans: Vemulavaada


8) Who celebrates the Ramzan and Bakrid festivals?

  1. A) Muslims
  2. B) Buddists
  3. C) Christians
  4. D) Hindus

Ans: Muslims


9) Where is the Biggest Church in the Telangana?

  1. A) Nalgonda
  2. B) Adilabad
  3. C) Kareem Nagar
  4. D) Medak

Ans: Medak


10) Where is the ritual called ‘Samakka Saralamma’ conducted which is said as Telangana Kumbhamela?

  1. A) Warangal
  2. B) Kareem Nagar
  3. C) Khammam
  4. D) Nalgonda

Ans: Warangal


11) Which year ‘Samakka Saralamma’  ritual is celebrated as state festival during the Integrated Andhra Pradesh?

  1. A) 1995
  2. B) 1996
  3. C) 1992
  4. D) 1998

Ans: 1996


12) Which festival is celebrated on Chavathi in the month of Karthika and Panchami in the month of ‘Sraavana’ ?

  1. A) Burnuru
  2. B) Nagula Chavathi
  3. C) Bathukamma
  4. D) Samakka Saramma

Ans: Nagula Chavathi


13) During which months does women conduct the Varalakshmi vratham and Lakshmi Devi pujas on Tuesdays and Fridays?

  1. A) Sraavana
  2. B) Kaarthika
  3. C) Pushyami
  4. D) Chaitram

Ans: Sraavana


14) In which district is the ‘Burnuru’ ritual conducted?

  1. A) Adilabad
  2. B) Khammam
  3. C) Nalgonda
  4. D) Warangal

Ans: Adilabad

15) Which godess is prayed during the ‘Burnuru’ritual?

  1. A) Akipen
  2. B) Aavulapen, Masoba
  3. C) Sathipen
  4. D) All the above

Ans: All the above


16) In which district is the Bejjanki ritual conducted?

  1. A) Khammam
  2. B) Kareem Nagar
  3. C) Nalgonda
  4. D) Adilabad

Ans: Kareem Nagar


17) In which district is the Tegada ritual conducted?

  1. A) Hyderabad
  2. B) Warangal
  3. C) Khammam
  4. D) Adilabad

Ans: Khammam


18) Where is the Mahankali ritual conducted?

  1. A) Hyderabad
  2. B) Khammam
  3. C) Kareem Nagar
  4. D) Nalgonda

Ans: Hyderabad


19) In which district is the ‘Komarivalli’ ritual conducted?

  1. A) Warangal
  2. B) Nalgonda
  3. C) Hyderabad
  4. D) Nijamabad

Ans: Warangal


20) Where is the Siddula Gutta ritual conducted?

  1. A) Adilabad
  2. B) Khammam
  3. C) Nizamabad
  4. D) Kareem Nagar

Ans: Nizamabad


21) In which district is the’Mella Cheruvu’ ritual conducted?

  1. A) Nalgonda
  2. B) Nijamabad
  3. C) Warangal
  4. D) Adilabad

Ans: Nalgonda


22) In which district is the’Nalgonda’ ritual conducted?

  1. A) Kareem Nagar
  2. B) Adilabad
  3. C) Khammam
  4. D) Nalgonda

Ans: Kareem Nagar


23) In which district is the ‘Nagoba’ ritual conducted?

  1. A) Nalgonda
  2. B) Khammam
  3. C) Medak
  4. D) Adilabad

Ans: Adilabaad


24) In which district is the ‘Yedupayala’ ritual conducted?

  1. A) Medak
  2. B) Nalgonda
  3. C) Khammam
  4. D) Adilabad

Ans: Medak

25) In which district is the ‘Gollagotta’ ritual conducted?

  1. A) Nalgonda
  2. B) Adilabad
  3. C) Khammam
  4. D) Medak

Ans: Nalgonda

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