Delhi Gk Questions and Answers

Delhi state Gk Questions and Answers are helpful for all the students. Since are attending quiz competitions this list will give a better idea and easy information. Inside we collected a huge list of Delhi Gk Questions and Answers are from previous quiz competitions. Here is the additional advantage we have given to download so anyone can use this data to prepare offline.

Delhi GK Questions and Answers from the previous Quiz papers

Delhi Gk Questions and Answers


1) Which state in India has the same name for capital and state name?

  1. A) Delhi
  2. B) Gujath
  3. C) Punjab
  4. D) Chattisgarh

Ans: Delhi


2) …………………… Is the capital of Delhi?

  1. A) Mumbai
  2. B) Goa
  3. C) New Delhi
  4. D) Lucknow

Ans: New Delhi


3) ………….. Is the language spoken in Delhi?

  1. A) Punjabi
  2. B) Hindi
  3. C) Kannada
  4. D) English

Ans: Hindi


4) Chief Minister of Delhi in 2020?

  1. A) Sunita Kejriwal
  2. B) Arvind Kejriwal
  3. C) Sheila Dikshit
  4. D) HArshita Kejriwal

Ans: Arvind Kejriwal


5) Governor of Delhi?

  1. A) Shaktikanta Das
  2. B) Urjit Patel
  3. C) Anil Baikal
  4. D) Nirmala Sitharaman

Ans: Anil Baikal


6) Which state covers Delhi on three sides?

  1. A) Uttar Pradesh
  2. B) Punjab
  3. C) Mumbai
  4. D) Haryana

Ans: Haryana


7) Which state is on the East of Gujarat?

  1. A) Rajasthan
  2. B) MadhyaPradesh
  3. C) Haryana
  4. D) Utterpradesh

Ans: Utterpradesh


8) Chief Justice of Delhi?

  1. A) Urjit Patel
  2. B) Anil Baikal
  3. C) Nirmala Sitharaman
  4. D) Dhirubhai Naranbhai Patel

Ans: Dhirubhai Naranbhai Patel


9) Flow which river fulfills the pride of Delhi?

  1. A) Tapati
  2. B) Narmada
  3. C) Ganga
  4. D) Yamuna

Ans: Yamuna


10) Which is the monument in Delhi which is has the Service men’s names inscribed on it during second world war?

  1. A) Humayan’s Tomb
  2. B) Qutub Minar
  3. C) REdfort
  4. D) India Gate

Ans: India Gate


11) What is the area covered by Delhi?

  1. A)1,
  2. B) 1,483km
  3. C)1,
  4. D) 1,

Ans: 1,


12) What is the position of Delhi in India according to 2011 population?

  1. A) 4th position
  2. B) 3rd position
  3. C) 9th position
  4. 2nd position
  5. Ans: 2nd position


13) Which lake is on the Northeast side of Delhi?

  1. A) Bharadwaj lake
  2. B) Naini Lake
  3. C) Sanjay lake
  4. D) Bhalswa Lake

Ans: Bhalswa Lake


14) Which lake is towards the heart of India Gate?

  1. A) Bhalswa Lake
  2. B) Sanjay lake
  3. C) Old Fort Lake
  4. D) Naini Lake

Ans: Old Fort Lake


15) Which is the power generating company in Delhi?

  1. A) Rithala Power PLant
  2. B) Badapur Thermal Corpopration
  3. C) Pragati Power Corporation
  4. D) Indraprastha Power Generation company

Ans: Indraprastha Power Generation company


16) Which is the coal-based power plant in Delhi?

  1. A) Rithala Power PLant
  2. B) Badarpur Thermal power station
  3. C) Pragati Power Corporation
  4. D) Indraprastha Power Generation company

Ans: Badarpur Thermal power station


17) Which is the coal-based power station in Delhi which is at NCT?

  1. A) Pragati Power Corporation
  2. B) Badarpur Thermal power station
  3. C) Rithala Power PLant
  4. D) Rajghat power station

Ans: Rajghat power station

18) Which airport has become India’s South Asia’s largest aviation hub?

A)Palam Domestic Airport

  1. B) Safdarjung Airport
  2. C) Delhi Airport
  3. D) Indira Gandhi International Airport

Ans: Indira Gandhi International Airport

19) Which is the domestic airport in Delhi?

  1. A) Palam Domestic Airport
  2. B) Safdarjung Airport
  3. C) Delhi Airport
  4. D) Indira Gandhi International Airport

Ans: Palam Domestic Airport


20) Which is the second International Airport in Delhi since 1883, still working?

  1. A) Palam Domestic Airport
  2. B) Safdarjung Airport
  3. C) Indira Gandhi International Airport
  4. D) Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium or Arun Jaitley stadium

Ans: Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium or Arun Jaitley stadium


21) Which is the fourth largest stadium in India which is set by ASEAN Football Federation, International Federation of Football Association and International Association of Athletics Federations?

  1. A) Indira Gandhi Arena
  2. B) Talkatora Indoor Stadium
  3. C) FerozShah Kotla Stadium
  4. D) Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium


22) Which is the tallest monument in India situated Olin Delhi?

  1. A) Taj Mahal
  2. B) Statue of unite
  3. C) Sultan Ghari
  4. D) Qutub Minar

Ans: Qutub Minar


23) Which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Delhi?

  1. A) Ellora Caves
  2. B) Khajuraho
  3. C) HAmpi
  4. D) Humayun’s Tomb

Ans: Humayun’s Tomb


24) Which monument is said to be known as the symbol of India?

  1. A) Charminar
  2. B) Taj Mahal
  3. C) Golconda
  4. D) Red Fort

Ans: Red Fort


25) Which is the India’s largest Islamic Congregation Place located in Delhi?

  1. A)Markaz
  2. B) ISlam Masjid
  3. C) Hazrat Nijamuddin Aulia Dargah
  4. D) Jama Masjid

Ans: Jama Masjid


26) Which is the India’s religious place known as the place of peace and Prosperity located in Delhi?

  1. A) Gurudwar
  2. B) Islam masjid
  3. C) Jama Masjid
  4. D) Lotus Temple

Ans: Lotus Temple


27) Which is the place for government meetings or private meetings in Delhi (for both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha)

  1. A) Governer House
  2. B) Rajasabha
  3. C) Lokhsabha
  4. D) Parlament House

Ans: Parliament House


28) Which is the Rashothi Bhavan in Delhi which is the President’s residence?

  1. A) Umaid Bhavan
  2. B) Raj Bhavan
  3. C) pradhana bhavan
  4. D) Rashtrapathi Bhavan

Ans: Rashtrapathi Bhavan


29) Which is one of the last Mughal Tombs in India?

  1. A) Tomb of Mughal
  2. B) Tomb of Akbar
  3. C) Humayun’s Tomb
  4. D) Safdarjung Tomb

Ans: Safdarjung Tomb


30) Which is the Sekundar Lodi Tomb in Delhi?

  1. A) Tomb of Akbar
  2. B) Humayun’s Tomb
  3. C) Lodi Tomb
  4. D) Safdarjung Tomb

Ans: Lodi Tomb


31) Which is the spiritual cultural campus in Delhi which is in Akshardham complex?

  1. A) Akshardham college
  2. B) Akshardham school
  3. C) Akshardham Temple
  4. D) Akshardham Mandir

Ans: Akshardham Mandir


32) Which is the South Delhi Kalkaji temple(Hindu Mandir)?

  1. A) Vignana Mandhir
  2. B) Kala Mandhir
  3. C) Kalka Mandir
  4. D) Akshardham Mandir

Ans: Kalka Mandir

33) Which is the Sri Sri Radha Parthasaradhi Temple at Delhi?

  1. A) Vishnu Temple
  2. B) Radha Krishna Temple
  3. C) Harinadh Temple
  4. D) Iskon Temple

Ans: Iskon Temple


34) Who has become the emporor of Delhi after Kuthubuddin Ibak?

  1. A) Baba sahab
  2. B) Ashoka
  3. C) Abarbar
  4. D) Araam Shah

Ans: Araam Shah


35) Which emporor has killed Araam Shah and conquered Delhi?

  1. A) Ashoka
  2. B) Barbar
  3. C) Iltoot Mish
  4. D) Araam Shah

Ans: Iltoot Mish

36) Who is the famous historian in the court of Iltutmush ?

A) Gias uddin

B) Hazar uddin

C)Zamal uddin

D) Minahaj uddin

Ans: Minahaj uddin

37) Which is the state animal of Delhi?

A) cheetha

B) Tiger


D) Nilgai

Ans: Nilgai


38) Which is the state bird of Delhi?

  1. A) Woodpeeker
  2. B) KingFisher
  3. C) Sparrow
  4. D) House sparrow

Ans: House sparrow


39) Which is the state flower of Delhi?

  1. A) Marigold
  2. B) Sunflower
  3. C) Alfalfa
  4. D) betaeta

Ans: Alfalfa


40) How many stations does the Delhi Metro train contain?

  1. A) 252
  2. B) 251
  3. C) 250
  4. D) 253

Ans: 253


41) How many trains does the Delhi metro contain?

  1. A) 309 trains
  2. B) 308 trains
  3. C) 307 trains
  4. D) 310 trains

Ans: 310 trains


42) What is the top speed of Delhi Metro train?

  1. A) 90km/hr
  2. B) 80km/hr
  3. C) 100km/hr
  4. D) 70km/hr

Ans: 100km/hr


43) When did the first metro train run in Delhi?

  1. A) 2001
  2. B) 2002
  3. C) 2000
  4. D) 2003

Ans: 2002


44) Which award was won by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation in 2005?

  1. A) Golden Lion Environment Management
  2. B) Golden Peacock Environment Management
  3. C) GoldenTiger Environment Management
  4. D) Golden Monkey Environment Management

Ans: Golden Peacock Environment Management


45) Delhi metro rail corporation has bagged the ……………… Position for the Industry Leadership in sustainability.

  1. A) First
  2. B) Second
  3. C) Third
  4. D) Fouth

Ans: First


46) Which is called the first city of Delhi?

  1. A) Lal Kota


  1. C) Mehrauli
  2. D) Faridabad

Ans: Lal Kota


47) To which city does the India Gate belong to ?

  1. A) Eleventh city
  2. B) Eighth city
  3. C) Fifth city
  4. D) Last city

Ans: Eighth city


48) Which statue is shifted to coronation park, Delhi which has become the site declaration for capital for Delhi?

  1. A) King Barbaloneous
  2. B) King George V
  3. C) King luhimbrugh
  4. D) King nepolean

Ans: King George V


49) What are the famous dances in Delhi?

  1. A) Kathakali
  2. B) Dandiya and Bhangra
  3. C) Kuchipudi
  4. D) Bharathanatyam

Ans: Dandiya and Bhangra


50) Which is the Famous museum in Delhi run by the ministry of textiles, the government of India in Delhi?

  1. A) National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum
  2. B) National crafts and looms Museum
  3. C) National Handcrafts Museum
  4. D) National Handlooms Museum

Ans: National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum ‎

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