Gk Questions For Class 5 With Answers pdf Download

Gk Questions for class 5 to 7 with Answers Download Pdf

Gk Questions for Class 5 is helpful for all the students.who are attending quiz competitions this list will give a better idea and easy information. Inside we collected a huge list of Gk Questions for Class 5 students from previous quiz competitions. Here is the additional advantage we have given to download. so you use this data to prepare in offline

Gk Questions For Class 5 With Answers pdf Download

Gk Questions for Class 5 with Answers

Gk Questions for Class 5

Who is Sun’s nearest neighbor?

ANS: Alpha Centauri

The Exam was Discovered by?

ANS: Henry Fischel

What is the memory size of the Human Brain?

ANS:5 petabytes

The first citizen of India is called as?

President Of India

what Type of sounds produced in Space

ANS: Space is completely silent

Where you can cry but your tears don’t fall?

ANS: Space

If you could fly a plane to planet X. The trip would take more than 800 years! identify the planet is?

ANS: Pluto

Tell me the only Planet not named after God

ANS: Earth

Which was the first drink ever consumed in Space?

ANS: Coca-Cola

Who is the only batsman to hit a six off the first ball of a Test Match?

ANS: Chris Gayle

As of now, only two Indians have batted all five days of a test match. One is Ravi Shastri and the other one is?

ANS: ML Jaisimha

A cricketer born on 8-4-63 and scored 8463 test runs. Name the player?

Ans: Alec Stewart.

Sachin Tendulkar played for which country before India?

ANS: Pakistan

Which planet rotates only in clockwise?

ANS: Venus

Which is the shortest war on record?

ANS: Anglo-Zanzibar on 27 August 1896

Who was offered the role of Second President of Israel?

ANS: Albert Einstein

Which is the only continent situated in all 4 hemispheres?

ANS: Africa

Which is the only Caribbean country that has a railway?

ANS: Cuba

What happened on 18th February of 1979 in Sahara?

ANS: It was snowing

Which country has the oldest still acting parliament in the world?

ANS: Iceland

Which mountain is the closest to the sun?

ANS: Mt. Chimborazo

Which country has no official Capital?

ANS: Nauru

Which is the only city located in two continents?

ANS: Istanbul

Salt was used as a currency in which country?

ANS: Ancient Rome

Tell me Barbie full name?

ANS: Barbara Millicent Roberts

The tip of shoelaces are known as?

ANS: Aglets

Who drew the charcoal of naked Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic?

ANS: James Cameron, the director

In which World Cup India have been undefeated till now?

ANS: Kabaddi World Cup

Science Day in Switzerland is dedicated to which person of India?

ANS: APJ Abdul Kalam

Most youthful population Country is?

ANS: Niger

Which is the largest rat-free area in the world?

ANS: Alberta, Canada

Which animal brain is smaller than it’s an eye?

ANS: Ostrich

Like fingerprints, your which body part’s print is different?

ANS: Tongue

Which living organism never die of old age?

ANS: Tree

The highest number of runs scored in an over till now is?

ANS: 77

Sachin Tendulkar got out on duck only once in his Ranji Career. Who was the bowler?

ANS: Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

The pioneer spacecraft was sent to which star?

ANS: Aldebaran

Who is the only Indian cricket to have played 100 test matches but not a single World Cup match?

ANS: VVS Laxman

Who is the only batsmen to have got a wicket off the 0th ball of his T20 career?

ANS Virat Kohli

Only which mammals have wings?

ANS: Bats

If you lose your glasses any day, you still can see. How?

ANS: By making pinhole with the hand

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