Gk Questions for Class 6 with Answers pdf in English

Gk Questions for class 6

Gk Questions for Class 6 is helpful for all the students.who are attending quiz competitions this list will give a better idea and easy information. Inside we collected a huge list of Gk Questions for Class 6 students from previous quiz competitions. Here is the additional advantage we have given to download so anyone can use this data to prepare offline.

Gk Questions For Class 6 With Answers pdf Download

Gk Questions For Class 6 with Answers Pdf

Class 6 GK Questions and Answers Today Update

Q) Father of the Nation?
A) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Q) Who was our Nations first President?
A) Dr Rajendra Prasad

Q) What is the biggest organ in our body?
A) Skin

Q) What is the name of Punjab’s Folk dance?
A) Giddha

Q) India’s first prime minister?
A) Our Nation’s first prime minister was Jawaharlal Nehru.

Q) Is gold or silver? which is the biggest metal?
A) Gold

Q) Inventer of the Computer?
A) Charles Babbage

Q) What is the brain of the Computer?
A) CPU – Central Processing Unit

Q) 1 MB Megabyte is equal to How many kilobytes?
A) 1024 Kilobytes.

Q) In which city, a statue of liberty?
A) In New York City

Q) What city is the Giza Pyramids in?
A) Giza Pyramids are in Egypt.

Q) On which date Martyr’s Day is celebrates?
A) Every year on 30th January.

Q) Tell me the first 3 planets in our Solar System?
A) Mercury, Venus and Earth.

Q) On earth which river is the longest river?
A) Nile is the longest River on Earth

Q) Gujarat’s city Gir National Park is famous for which animal?
A) Lion

Q) What are the root vegetables?
A) Radish, Carrots, Beetroots etc

Q) What is India’s smallest State?
A) Goa is called as Smallest state in India

Q) What is the Fastest Animal on earth?
A) Cheetah.

Q) Which plant grows more in the Desert?
A) Cactus Plant.

Q) What is India’s Biggest Dam?
A) Tehri Dam is called India’s highest Dam.

Q) Which colours Indicates Peace?
A) Colour White indicates Peace.

Q) What is the National Tree of our country?
A) Banyan Tree is our National Tree.

Q) What is the Name of the Baby Horse?
A) Colt

Q) What is the Egg Shaper?
A) Oval shape

Q) Which language is widely spoken on earth?
A) Mandarin

Q) Which fly has colourful wings?
A) Butterfly

Q) What is the name of the Romeo and Juliet writer?
A) William Shakespeare

Q) Which organ purifies the blood in Human Body?
A) Kidney’s

Q) Jana Gana Mana – Who is the writer of our National Anthem?
A) Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Q) In which city Gateway of India is present?
A) Mumbai city

Q) What is Darjeeling famous crop?
A) Tea leaves

Q) What is Uttarakhand’s Capital?
A) Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand

Q) On which day, we celebrate our Independence Day?
A) On 15th August

Q) What is a Sun?
A) Star

Q) Is Jupiter is the nearest planet to earth?
A) Venus is the nearest planet to earth

Q) From where we get solar energy?
A) Sun

Q) What are the famous tourist’s islands that belong to India?
A) Lakshadweep Islands, Andaman and Nicobar Islands belong to Our Country.

Q) Due to which deficiency Goitre is caused?
A) Iodine deficiency is the reason for Goitre.

Q) Who is the first president of the United States of America?
A) The first president of the USA was George Washington.

Q) Worlds largest River?
A) Nile river

Q) In the cricket team, How many players are present?
A) 11 Members.

Q) Name the biggest island in the world?
A) Green land is the largest island.

Q) What is the name of Baby Cat?
A) Kitten

Q) African Nation Ghana is famous for which food?
A) Ghana is famous for Chocolate.

Q) India’s Female player Saina Nehwal associated with which sport?
A) Badminton.

Q) In a leap year, How many days are there?
A) 366 Days

Q) For every 4 years, Which games are held?
A) Olympics

Q) Pentagon has how many sides?
A) 5 Sides

Q) Excalibur sword is used by which King?
A) King Arthur.

Q) In which place, bees are kept?
A) Aviary

Q) Dolphin is well known for?
A) Biggest sea Animal

Q) Bill Gates is the founder of?
A) Microsoft.

Q) Alexander Flemming discovers?
A) Penicillin.

Q) What is another name of Subhash Chandra Bose?
A) Netaji

Q) Sony Company is from which country?
A) Sony company is from Japan.

Q) What is Birds scientific study?
A) Ornithology

Q) Name of the largest desert in the world?
A) Sahara is considered as Biggest desert on earth.

Q) What is the direction of sunrises?
A) East

Q) What is the famous classical dance of Andhra Pradesh states?
A) Kuchipudi.

Q) Who is the Margaret Thatcher?
A) He is a Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Q) On which date the United Nation is celebrated?
A) 24th October.

Q) In the winter Season we wear?
A) Warm Clothes

Q) Can Ostrich bird fly?
A) Yes

Q) What is the green colour traffic Signal indicates?
A) To cross the road.

Q) During which festival, we play with colours?
a) Holi Festival.

Q) Worlds densest jungle?
A) Amazon is the worlds densest Jungle.

Q) What is our National song?
A) Vande Mataram is our National Song

Q) India’s National Bird?
A) Peacock

Q) India’s National Education Day?
A) On 11th November

Q) On which date, we celebrate Children’s day?
A) 14th November

Q) Teacher’s day is celebrated on?
A) 5th September

Q) Which state is known as India’s Tea Garden?
A) Assam

Q) What is the Smallest bird?
A) Humming Bird is the Smallest bird.

Q) Which is the name of Worlds Largest Ocean?
A) the Pacific Ocean

Q) What is the name of India’s largest fresh lake?
A) Wular Lake

Q) Name the World’s tallest waterfall?
A) Angel Falls

Q) What is the full form of UPS?
A) Uninterrupted Power Supply

Q) What are the four Metropolitan Cities in India?
A) Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Q) What is the birthplace of Subhash Chandra Bose?
A) Cuttack in Odisha state.

Q) How many degrees Boiling point of water?
A) 100 degree

Q) Prime Minister Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of which state?
A) Gujarat State

Q) Who is the first female Indian Astronaut?
A) Kalpana Chawla is India’s first female Astronaut.

Q) Name the first Indian to go to space?
A) Rakesh Sharma is the first Indian.

Tell me the first female Indian Astronaut?

Ans: Kalpana Chawla

Tell Me our galaxy Name?

Tell me insect having colorful wings?

ANS: Butterfly

If Kolkata is the city of Joy, then Jaipur is the city of?

ANS: Pink

The Jungle Book story main character name is?

ANS: Mowgli

In the human body, how many numbers of bones are there?

ANS: 206

Where the Golden Temple is located in India?

ANS: Amritsar

In which sports the LBW is related?

ANS: Cricket

How did you call a female horse as?

ANS: Mare

Who was India’s captain in 2011 Cricket World Cup?

ANS: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Who won FIFA FOOTBALL world cup last year in Russia?

ANS: France
Do fishes breathe with the help of?

ANS: Gills
Tell me Exact ROM full form? ANS:

Read Only Memory

Tell me the color of symbolizes peace?

ANS: White

India’s largest freshwater lake is located at?

ANS: Wular lake

Father of the Indian Constitution is called as?

ANS: B R Ambedkar

Tell me the NEWS full form?

ANS: North East West South

slogan jai Jawan jai Kisan was named by?

ANS: Lal Bahadur Shastri

The man who called Punjab Kesari was?

ANS: Lala lajpat Rai

Tell me the largest organ of your body?

ANS: Lungs

In which festival the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated?

ANS: Christmas

Name the animal eats snow?

ANS: Yak

One who goes to another country for residence called as?

ANS: Immigrant
Who was the first Indian woman to win a Nobel Prize ?

ANS: Mother Teresa

what gas is used to fill the Balloons?

ANS: Helium

where is ground Zero?


Which state is the Tea-Garden of India?

ANS: Assam

The holy river of India is named as?

ANS: Ganges

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