Gk Questions for Class 6 with Answers pdf in English

Gk Questions for class 6

Gk Questions for Class 6 is helpful for all the students.who are attending quiz competitions this list will give a better idea and easy information. Inside we collected a huge list of Gk Questions for Class 6 students from previous quiz competitions. Here is the additional advantage we have given to download so anyone can use this data to prepare offline.

Gk Questions For Class 6 With Answers pdf Download

Gk Questions For Class 6 with Answers Pdf

Tell me the first female Indian Astronaut?

Ans: Kalpana Chawla

Tell Me our galaxy Name?

Tell me insect having colorful wings?

ANS: Butterfly

If Kolkata is the city of Joy, then Jaipur is the city of?

ANS: Pink

The Jungle Book story main character name is?

ANS: Mowgli

In the human body, how many numbers of bones are there?

ANS: 206

Where the Golden Temple is located in India?

ANS: Amritsar

In which sports the LBW is related?

ANS: Cricket

How did you call a female horse as?

ANS: Mare

Who was India’s captain in 2011 Cricket World Cup?

ANS: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Who won FIFA FOOTBALL world cup last year in Russia?

ANS: France
Do fishes breathe with the help of?

ANS: Gills
Tell me Exact ROM full form? ANS:

Read Only Memory

Tell me the color of symbolizes peace?

ANS: White

India’s largest freshwater lake is located at?

ANS: Wular lake

Father of the Indian Constitution is called as?

ANS: B R Ambedkar

Tell me the NEWS full form?

ANS: North East West South

slogan jai Jawan jai Kisan was named by?

ANS: Lal Bahadur Shastri

The man who called Punjab Kesari was?

ANS: Lala lajpat Rai

Tell me the largest organ of your body?

ANS: Lungs

In which festival the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated?

ANS: Christmas

Name the animal eats snow?

ANS: Yak

One who goes to another country for residence called as?

ANS: Immigrant
Who was the first Indian woman to win a Nobel Prize ?

ANS: Mother Teresa

what gas is used to fill the Balloons?

ANS: Helium

where is ground Zero?


Which state is the Tea-Garden of India?

ANS: Assam

The holy river of India is named as?

ANS: Ganges

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