Sikkim Gk Questions and Answers

Sikkim state Gk Questions and Answers are helpful for all the students. Since they are attending quiz competitions, this list will give a better idea and easy information. Inside we collected a huge list of Sikkim Gk Questions and Answers are from previous quiz competitions. Here is the additional advantage we have given to download so anyone can use this data to prepare offline.

Sikkim GK Questions and Answers from the previous Quiz papers

Sikkim Gk Questions and Answers

1) What is the capital of Sikkim?

  1. A) Gangtok
  2. B) Gangar
  3. C) Gandhinagar
  4. D) Shimla

Ans: Gangtok


2) What is the literal meaning of Sikkim?

  1. A) Paradise
  2. B) House
  3. C) Resurant
  4. D)Hotel

Ans: Paradise


3) When was the formation day of Sikkim?

  1. A) 16 May 1875
  2. B) 16 May 1865
  3. C) 16 May 1965
  4. D) 16 May 1975

Ans:16 May 1975


4) How many districts are present in Sikkim?

  1. A)1
  2. B)2
  3. C) 3
  4. D)4

Ans: 4


5) What is the area of Sikkim?

A) 7,093 Sqkm

B) 7,094 Sqkm

C)7,096 Sqkm

D)7,095 Sqkm

Ans: 7,096 Sqkm


6) Who the Chief Minister of Sikkim in 2020?

  1. A)Prem Singh
  2. B)Ankith Singh
  3. C) Swetha Singh
  4. D) Ranveer Singh

Ans:Prem Singh


7) Who is the first Chief Minister of Sikkim?

  1. A) Prem Singh
  2. B) Ankith Singh
  3. C) Kazi Lhendup Dorjee
  4. D) Pawan Kumar Chamling

Ans: Kazi Lhendup Dorjee


8) Who is the Governor of Sikkim in 2020?

  1. A)Kazi Lhendup Dorjee
  2. B)Ganga Prasad
  3. C) Prasad
  4. D)Rakesh Prasad

Ans: Ganga Prasad


9) Which is one of the river in Sikkim?

  1. A) Teesta River
  2. B) Yamuna River
  3. C) Ganga River
  4. D) Tapati River

Ans: Teesta River


10) Which is the largest lake in Sikkim?

A) Kothok lake

B)Tsongmo lake

C) Lake Menmecho

D) Gurudongmar lake

Ans: Gurudongmar lake


11) Which is the World Heritage Site in Sikkim, a national park?

  1. A) Mount Pandim
  2. B) Kangchenjunga
  3. C) Khangchendzong National Park
  4. D) Jurasic Park

Ans:Khangchendzong National Park


12) Which is the national Park in Sikkim?

A) Khangchendzong National Park

B) Jungle park

C)Jurasic park

Gandhi Park

Ans:Khangchendzong National Park


13) Which is the Wildlife Sanctuary in Sikkim at a hill station?

  1. A) Khangchendzong
  2. B) Kanchanjunga
  3. C) Jungle
  4. D) Jurasic

Ans: Khangchendzong


14) Which is the sanctuary in Sikkim which is also a reserve forest?

  1. A) Khangchendzong
  2. B) kanchanjunga
  3. C) Fambonglho
  4. D) Jurasic



15) Which is the sanctuary in Sikkim which has flora and fauna, lies in the path of river ‘Ravi’?

  1. A) Kitam
  2. B) Fambonglho
  3. C) Khangchendzong
  4. D) Maenam

Ans:- Maenam


16) Which of these is the train in Sikkim?

  1. A) Teesta Bazar
  2. B) Teesta complex
  3. C) Teesta
  4. D) Teesta market

Ans:  Teesta Bazar


17) Which is the highest motorable road in Sikkim?

  1. A) National Highway
  2. B) Bypass
  3. C) Teesta Bazar
  4. D) Nathula pass

Ans: Nathula pass


18) Which is one of the most beautiful cricket stadium at Sikkim?

  1. A) Bramhananda Stadium
  2. B) Gandhi Stadium
  3. C) Indra Gandhi Stadium
  4. D) Bazar Stadium

Ans: Palzor Stadium


19) What is the largest city in Sikkim?

  1. A) Gangtok
  2. B) Paroora
  3. C) Polara
  4. D) Polzar

Ans: Gangtok


20) Which is the highest( based on altitude) cricket ground at Sikkim?

  1. A) Nagarjuna Ground
  2. B) Minning ground
  3. C) Chalapathi ground
  4. D) Palzor Stdium

Ans: Minning ground


21) Which district is famous in Sikkim as a tourism place?





Ans: Gangtok


22) Which is the village in Sikkim has the highest population?

  1. A) Chekicherla
  2. B) Birdang
  3. C) Dasari
  4. D) Vengalaypalem

Ans: Birdang


23) Which is the famous festival of Sikkim?

  1. A) Dessuera
  2. B) Divalli
  3. C) Saga Dawa
  4. D) krishnastami

Ans: Saga Dawa


24) Which is the famous dance and music of Sikkim?

  1. A) Katakali
  2. B) mohini attam
  3. C) chirimu
  4. D) Maruni

Ans: Chirimu


25) Which is one of the famous dance in Sikkim, which is traditional and performed mostly by the tribals?

  1. A) Chirimu
  2. B) Katakali
  3. C) Maruni
  4. D) Mohiniattam



26) What are the languages spoken by the people of Sikkim?

  1. A) Lepcha
  2. B) Hindhi,Lepcha
  3. C) Sikkimese,Lepcha
  4. D) Sikkimese

Ans: Sikkimese,Lepcha


27) Which is the state animal of Sikkim?



C)Red Panda


Ans: Red Panda


28) Which is the state bird of Sikkim?

  1. A) Crow
  2. B) Kingfisher
  3. C) Sparrow
  4. D) Blood Pheasent

Ans:Blood Pheasant


29) Which is the state flower of Sikkim?

  1. A) Maridold
  2. B) Sunflower
  3. C) Jasmine
  4. D) Noble Orchid

Ans: Noble Orchid


30) Which is the state tree of Sikkim?

  1. A) Mango
  2. B) Rhododedron
  3. C) Banayan
  4. D) Coconut

Ans: Rhododedron


31) Which is the major crops of Sikkim?

  1. A) Cordomom
  2. B) Onion
  3. C) Sugarcane
  4. D) Coffee

Ans: Cordomom


32) What is the position of Sikkim in India according to its Population?

  1. A) 22nd
  2. B) 23rd
  3. C) 29th
  4. D) 25th

Ans: 29th


33) What are the adjacent states of Sikkim from the following?

A) China ,Bhutan



D) Nepal

Ans: China,Bhutan


34) How many seats in Sikkim Assembly?

A) 32

B) 31

C) 34




35) How many seats does Sikkim has in Lok Sabha?

  1. A) 5
  2. B) 0
  3. C) 1
  4. D) 2



36) How many seats does Sikkim have in Rajya Sabha?

  1. A)1
  2. B) 2
  3. C) 3
  4. D) 4



37) Which is the famous woolen crafts of Sikkim?

  1. A) Woolen stwiching
  2. B) Woolen
  3. C) Woolen Carfting
  4. D) Woolen Carpet

Ans: Woolen Carpet


38) Which is the famous art in Sikkim?

  1. A) Wooden curving
  2. B) wooden moulding
  3. C) wooden
  4. D) wooden sculpting

Ans: wooden curving


39)Which painting clothes in Sikkim are famous?

A) Bakhu

B) OilPaint

C)Flower Paint

D) Animal paint

Ans: Bakhu


40) What are the minerals mostly available in Sikkim?

  1. A) gold
  2. B) Coal,Graphite
  3. C) Graphite
  4. D) coal

Ans: Coal,Graphite


41) What are the industries in Sikkim?

  1. A) Cotton
  2. B) Paramarceuticals
  3. C) Textile
  4. D) Oil



42) Which is one of the airports in Sikkim?

  1. A)Shamshabadh Airport
  2. B)Gannavaram Airport
  3. C) Pakyong Airport
  4. D)Rajiv Airport

Ans:Pakyong Airport


43) What is the famous food in Sikkim?

  1. A) Thukpa
  2. B) Gundruk Soup
  3. C) Chease
  4. D) Paneer

Ans: Gundruk Soup


44) Which is a famous festival in Sikkim?

  1. A) Drupka teshi
  2. B) Saga Dawa
  3. C) Krishnastami
  4. D) Shivaratri

Ans: Drupka teshi


45) What is the traditional dress of women in Sikkim?

  1. A) Lehanga
  2. B) Nayamerk
  3. C) Saree
  4. D) Punjabi

Ans: Nayamerk


46) What is the traditional dress of men in Sikkim?

  1. A) Honju
  2. B) Lungi
  3. C) Pijama
  4. D) Lalchi

Ans: Honju


47) What are the additional official language of Sikkim?


  1. B) English
  2. C) Nepali


Ans: Nepali


48) What is one of the famous tribe in Sikkim?

  1. A) Butai
  2. B) Yeruka
  3. C) Chenchu
  4. D) Limbus

Ans: limbus


What is the position of Sikkim according to its area

  1. 29th
  2. B) 26th
  3. 27th
  4. 28th



Who is the first governor of Sikkim?

  1. B Lal
  2. B Lal
  3. B Lal
  4. B Lal

Ans:-B.B Lal


What is the population of sikkim?

  1. 19 lakh
  2. 19 lakh
  3. 19 lakh
  4. 19 lakh

Ans:6.19 lakh…ions-and-answers/

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