Uttar Pradesh Gk Questions and Answers

Uttar Pradesh state Gk Questions and Answers are helpful for all the students. Since they are attending quiz competitions, this list will give a better idea and easy information. Inside we collected a huge list of Uttar Pradesh Gk Questions and Answers are from previous quiz competitions. Here is the additional advantage we have given to download so anyone can use this data to prepare offline.

Uttar Pradesh GK Questions and Answers from the previous Quiz papers

What is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Deli
B) Jarkahand
C) Lucknow
D)West bengl
Ans: Lucknow

2) What is the language spoken by the people of Uttar Pradesh?
A) tamil
B) Urdhu
C) Odia
D) Hindi
Ans: Hindi

3) Who is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh(2020)?
A) Yogi Adityanath
B) Rajendra Kumar
C) Anandiben Patel
D) Keshav Prasad
Ans: Yogi Adityanath

4) Who is the Governor of Uttar Pradesh (2020)?
A) Rajendra Prasad
B) H.C.Ashwati
C) Anandiben Patel
D) Dinesh Sharma
Ans: Anandiben Patel

4) What is the famous festival of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Mahasivaratri
B) Krishnastami
C) Diwali
D) Dessuera
Ans: Diwali

5) What is the state dance of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Bharatanatyam
B) Kathak
C) Mohiniattam
D) Bharatanatyam
Ans: Kathak

6) What is the state game of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Hockey
B) Circket
C) Kabadi
D) Kho-Kho
Ans: Hockey

7) What is the state bird of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Crow
B) Sarus Crane
C) Crane
D) Kingfisher
Ans: Sarus Crane

8) What is the state animal of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Wolf
B) Swamp deer
C) Deer
D) Lion
Ans: Swamp deer

9) What is the state tree of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Papaya
B) Banayan
C) Ashoka tree
D) Coconut
Ans: Ashoka tree

10) What is the state symbol of Uttar Pradesh?
A) The pall way, a bow and Ans arrow in base two frogs
B) The pall way, a bow and Ans arrow in base two fishes
C) The pall way, a bow and Ans arrow in base two snakes
D) The pall way, a bow and Ans arrow in base two crocodiles
Ans: The pall way, a bow and Ans arrow in base two fishes

11) What is the state flower of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Rose
B) Marigold
C) Palash
D) Sunflower
Ans: Palash

12) How many number of districts are present in Uttar Pradesh that divides it into 18 divisions?
A) 75
B) 74
C) 16
D) 77
Ans: 75

13) What is the west bordering state of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Madhya pradesh
B) Haryana
C) Rajasthan
D) Punjab
Ans: Rajasthan

14) What is the North-West bordering state of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Himachal Pradesh and Punjab
B)Himachal Pradesh and MadhyaPradesh
C) Himachal Pradesh and Pune
D) Himachal Pradesh and Delhi
Ans: Himachal Pradesh and Delhi

15) What is the North bordering nation of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Bangladesh
B) China
C) Bhutan
D) Nepal
Ans: Nepal

16) What is the east bordering state of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Telengana
B) Odisssa
C) punjab
D) Bihar
Ans: Bihar
17) What is the South border of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Gujaarat
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) HImachal Pradesh
D) Maharastra
Ans: Madhya Pradesh
18) What are the South-East bordering states of Uttar Pradesh?
A)Jarkhand and Chatisgarh
B) Maharastra
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Punjab
Ans: Jarkhand and Chatisgarh

19) What is the ranking of Uttar Pradesh according to its area?
A) 5th
B) 6th
C) 7th
D) 4th
Ans: 4th

20) What is the ranking of Uttar Pradesh according to its Population?
A) 1st
B) 2nd
C) 3rd
D) 4th
Ans: 1st

21) What is the name of Uttar Pradesh during the British rule?
A) United Provinces oh Agra and Oudh
B) United Provinces oh Tajmahal and Oudh
C) United Provinces oh Mumbai and Oudh
D) United Provinces oh Delhi and Oudh
Ans: United Provinces oh Agra and Oudh

22) Where is the railway head quarters for North Central Railway?
A) Hyderabad
B) Allahabad
C) Adilabad
D) Ahmadabad
Ans: Allahabad

23) Where is the head quarters of North Eastern railway?
A) Solapur
B) Miapur
C) Gorakhpur
D) Golakpur
Ans: Gorakhpur

24) Which is the railway route that connects the India capital(Delhi) to Uttar Pradesh capital(Lucknow) faster?
A) Sheshachalam
B) Shetabi
C) Setabdhi
D) Simhadri
Ans: Shetabi

25) Who is the first lady Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Mayawathi
B) Padmavathi
C) Sridevi
D) Savitri
Ans: Mayawathi

26) Which is the festival celebrated in Uttar Pradesh on the banks of Ganda that is celebrated widely for every 12 years?
A) Krishnastami
B) Diwali
C) Magh Mela
D) MelleMalla
Ans: Magh Mela

27) In which district of Uttar Pradesh is the festival Magh Mela celebrated?
A) Dessuera
B) Diwali
C) Malle Malla
D) Kumbh mela
Ans: Kumbh mela

28) Which is the smallest bird sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh that has about 106 residents and migrating birds which are also few endangering species?
A)Patna bird sanctuary
B) Patan bird sanctuary
C) Parchur bird sanctuary
D) Uppal bird sanctuary
Ans: Patna bird sanctuary

29) Which are the two towns of Uttar Pradesh that are the pligrimages of Buddists, which are related to Gautama Buddha enlightenment and death?
A) Sarnath and Kachiguda
B) Sarthnagar and Kushinagar
C) Sarthnagar and Kachiguda
D) Sarnath and Kushinagar
Ans: Sarnath and Kushinagar

30) Which is one of the famous tourist destination of Uttar Pradesh that is one of the seven wonders of the world?
A) Qutub Minar
B) Charminar
C) Taj Mahal
D) Red Frort
Ans: Taj Mahal

31) Who are the Mughal Emporors ruled Uttar Pradesh from Delhi till 1540?
A) Babar and Humayun
B) Akbar and Humayun
C) Babur and Akbar
D) Babur and Humayun
Ans: Babur and Humayun

32) From the following who is one of the Hockey player from Uttar Pradesh in the recent times?
A) Len ayyappa
B) Nithin Kumar
C) Syed Nadeem uddin
D) Baljit singh
Ans: Nithin Kumar, Lalith Kumar Upadhyay

33) Which is the recent cricket achievement by Uttar Pradesh in 2006 by beating Bengal?
A) World cup
C) Ranji Trophy
D) none
Ans: Ranji Trophy

34) Which is one of the famous International recognised cricket stadium that has seen Indian victories that are noted in the recent times in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh?
A) Green Park Stadium
B) Blue Park Stadium
C) Pink Park Stadium
D) Violet Park Stadium
Ans: Green Park Stadium

35) Which is the cricket stadium that is newly built with a capacity of 20,000 spectators in Uttar Pradesh?
A)Bramhanadam stadium
B) Green Park Stadium
C) Local Circket Stadium
D) Greater Noida Cricket stadium
Ans: Greater Noida Cricket stadium

36) What is the musical university in Uttar Pradesh named after a musician Pandit Vishnu Narayan Batkhande, which teaches the traditional and music and dance?
A) Batkhande engineering institute
B) Batkhande technical institute
C) Batkhande dance institute
D) Batkhande music institute
Ans: Batkhande music institute

37) Which is the cuisine in Uttarakhand that is influenced by Mughal cooking techniques and has both veg and non-veg dishes?
A)Awadhama cuisine
B) Ashirwadh cuisine
C) Awadhi cuisine
D) Adwani cuisine
Ans: Awadhi cuisine

38) What is the dressing style of women in Uttar Pradesh?
A) sari, punjabi
B) Lehanga, Salwar Kameez
C) Lehanga, Punjabi
D) sari, Salwar Kameez
Ans: sari, Salwar Kameez
39) What is the dressing style of men?
A) Dhoti, kurthi pyjama, Lungi
B) Dhoti, Lungi, Sherwani
C) Lungi, kurthi pyjama, Sherwani
D) Dhoti, kurthi pyjama, Sherwani
Ans: Dhoti, kurthi pyjama, Sherwani

40) Which is the longest river of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Tapati
B) Yamuna
C) Pandu
D) Ganga
Ans: Ganga

41) What are the rivers flowing from Kanpur?
A) Ganga and Yamuna
B) Narmada and Pandu
C) Narmada and Yamuna
D) Ganga and Pandu
Ans: Ganga and Pandu

42) How many drains come from Pandu river?
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6
Ans: 6

43) How many rivers go to Ganga?
A) 16
B) 15
C) 14
D) 13
Ans: 16

44) What are the flowing in Lucknow having sandy banks?
A) Gumti
B) Sai
C) Gumti (or) Sai
D) Gumti and Sai
Ans: Gumti and Sai

45) Which type of soil is found in Uttar Pradesh?
A) Black Soil
B) Red Soil
C) Alluvial soil
D) Roky Soil
Ans: Alluvial soil

46) Who are the major tribes found in Uttar Pradesh?
A) Agariya
B) Bhotia
C) Baiga
D) Agariya, Baiga, Bhotia
Ans: Agariya, Baiga, Bhotia

47) Which is the international circuit designed by German architect, which competed with world class race circuits?
A) Buddh national circuit
B) Buddha national circuit
C) Buddh International circuit
D) Buddha International circuit
Ans: Buddh International circuit

48) Which are the musical instruments that accompany the Hindustani dance form Kathak?
A) Tabla or veena
B) Flute or Pakhawaj
C) Flute or Veena
D) Tabla or Pakhawaj
Ans: Tabla or Pakhawaj
49) Which is the additional language of Uttar Pradesh?
A) Urdu
B) English
C) kannada
D) Telugu
Ans: Urdu
50) As Hindi of the important language what is Hindi called as in Uttar Pradesh?
A) ‘Telugu Heart land of India’
B) ‘Hindi Heart land of India’
C) ‘Urdu Heart land of India’
D) ‘Tamil Heart land of India’
Ans: ‘Hindi Heart land of India’

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